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LA Fitness

LA fitness is one of the UK’s leading health and fitness chains with 43 clubs. The chain was founded in the early 1990s and is one of the most recognised brands in the UK. Offering a wide range of facilities, they are renowned for great service and value.

LA Fitness have worked with Entice since January 2015, offering the ‘MYLA Rewards’ platform to their entire 120,000 membership base, as a tool to attract new members and as an ongoing benefit to help retain their members and encourage them to renew their membership.

LA Fitness used posters and flyers in their clubs to promote the customer reward program and a frequent email campaign to highlight the great offers available. Over the first three months, 22% of the member base had engaged with the platform and offers. Members have saved across the board on their high street shopping, holidays, days out and much more. MYLA Rewards members receive ongoing branded email communication from Entice. These emails have seen successful open rates of up to 33%, and CTRs that have reached over 5%.

Members are seeing the benefits every day, like this member who saved over £200 on their holiday booking with MYLA Rewards:

“I booked our group ski trip with Neilson’s via MYLA Rewards…The travel agents were very helpful and assisted with sorting out extras such as pre-booking seats, so the only difference from booking via Neilson’s directly is that they handle everything as opposed to managing it online and it was cheaper. I would definitely use MYLA Rewards again.”

Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank

Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank are one of the country’s leading financial institutions, with retail branches, a strong personal customer base and a business banking capability through a UK-wide network of Business & Private Banking Centres. They offer their 150,000 customers access to the ‘My-Signature’ rewards platform as a benefit to purchasing their ‘Signature’ Current Account, giving them access to the £1000s worth of savings.

Prospective customers are given the bank’s ‘personal touch’, and are shown the site when looking at account options, giving the bank an invaluable sales tool to use when promoting their product. Customers then feel the benefit of the savings they are making, more than covering the cost of the account and in turn keeping the retention levels where they want them to be.


One of the ‘Big Six’ in the UK, SSE is the second largest supplier of electricity and natural gas in the UK and the UK’s largest generator of renewable energy. SSE created a customer reward platform through Entice that could help their team attract new customers through door-to-door sales. The Money Savers Programme helped them demonstrate a strong savings message to switch customers from their current provider and helped SSE sign up over 1 million customers.

Over the last year, customers have made an average saving of £288 per year. In such a competitive market, highlighting this kind of saving is a key selling point in attracting and retaining customers, making SSE stand out above their competitors.

The customer loyalty program has allowed customers to make their household budget stretch even further, saving money on their weekly shop, family trips and high street stores, on brands that they were spending money on anyway.

CN Media

CN Group is an independent local publisher based in Carlisle. They publish daily and weekly newspapers in Cumbria, Northumberland and south west Scotland, as well as a range of award winning magazines.

CN Media, like many publishers these days, were struggling to retain and attract subscribers to their magazines and newspapers. This meant they needed to offer something extra that added value to their product to build customer loyalty and to increase new subscriptions.

They also had the issue of many customers paying their monthly subscription fee by cash (collected from their doors) rather than by Direct Debit – cash works out a lot more costly. Those who pay by Direct Debit are also easier to retain, so switching customers’ payment methods was a key objective.

“Since the launch of our reader loyalty scheme, we have had an amazing take up from new and existing readers. The feedback is very positive and the quality of reader offers and promotions has given our subscribers a wide variety of choice”Marketing Director, CN Media

    • Increase new subscription numbers
    • Increase subscriber retention levels and decrease churn
    • Use rewards as an incentive to encourage customers to switch from paying cash to Direct Debit
    • To differentiate themselves from their competitors
    • We worked with our client’s marketing team to produce a compelling communication plan, looking at various touch points they currently have with their customers. These included regular emails, welcome letters and booklets, posters and leaflet inserts in their newspapers.
    • Set up the reward platform in line with client’s branding, added their selected rewards/discounts and provided unique logins for their customers
    • Targeted communication to their subscribers with relevant, regional offers and discounts
    • Instant customer insights and reporting tool for client to measure ROI
    • 31% increase in new subscriptions
    • 15% increase in retention
    • Noticeably less churn
    • 1 in 3 customers who visit the reward site make a purchase
    • Average open rate of 39% on email communication